It’s the Little Things…Keeping Track of Life (or, Using Reminders and Repeating Tasks to Make Sure Stuff Gets Done)

Life comes with a lot of responsibilities and it can be hard to keep track of everything, like remembering to change the air filters in your house. No, you don’t have to water your plants or change out your air filters on a rigid schedule, but the plants might not live very long and the air you breathe won’t be as nice. I happen to love plants and clean air (especially with a very hairy, shedding dog, living on a gravel road, and a tendency to burn things), so I value keeping up with tasks like this. Tasks like this though, don’t quite fit on a daily to-do list very easily because they don’t happen every day and, sometimes, don’t happen for months. Yet, we still want/need to remember them. I don’t know about you all, but my brain forgets stuff I need to do, even if it’s every single week or every other week. So, to make life a little bit easier on myself, I automate as much as I can. My repeating calendar reminders are such a little thing, but they have such a big difference in my life. Continue reading