It’s the Little Things…That’s Mint! (Or, Finding Hard-to-See Silver Linings in Clouds)

In my last post, I discussed a sensitive subject that I have never discussed outside of 1 or 2 conversations with my husband, 2 therapists, and 2-3 close friends. As you might imagine, I was extremely nervous about how it would be received. You, my wonderful readers, were very receptive and non-judgemental, which is appreciated more than you will ever know. Thank you.

Optimism is my general outlook on life, despite going through depression a few times. Depression has, somewhat surprisingly, reinforced my drive to be optimistic because I know how tentative my daily happiness can be. One way that I strive to be optimistic is to always look for the bright side or look for silver linings. It’s not always easy though, as Don Marquis eloquently put it:

every cloud
has its silver
lining but it is
sometimes a little
difficult to get it to
the mint  Continue reading